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    Pharmaceutical and Biological Industry: Monthly Price of Major APIs
    Source:Chinese websites PublishDate:2019-03-11

    In February, the price of vitamin varieties showed a differentiation. In February, the average transaction price of VE was 45 yuan/kg, down 4.12% from the previous month; the average transaction price of VA was 112 yuan/kg, down 4.05% from the previous month, and the latest transaction was 110 yuan/kg; the average price of VD32 was 135 yuan/kg, down from the previous month. 7.65%; the average transaction price of VB2 decreased by 5.11% from the previous month, and the current transaction price was 130 yuan/kg. In the remaining varieties, the transaction price of VK3 fell by 2.17%, and the prices of calcium pantothenate, VC and VB1 remained stable.

    Some varieties of antibiotics have anticipation of price increases. The prices of the seven major antibiotics and their intermediates we tracked this month were generally stable; under the environmental factors, the price of erythromycin thiocyanate rose by 3.45%; in the case of 7-ACA, the measures to stop production during the APEC meeting during the key polluting enterprises meeting The supply-restricted price has rebounded sharply. At present, the federal and Lukang have already launched the market due to environmental protection reasons. The production capacity of stone medicine cannot be completely released. The overall market is in short supply. The short-term quotation is expected to increase to 750 yuan/kg. It is expected that the price will continue to rise in the later period. . We believe that under the influence of drug price reduction and antibiotic grading management methods, the industry's production capacity and channel inventory are excessive. With the recovery of terminal demand, this problem has been alleviated, and antibiotic industry chain related companies are also expected to achieve recovery growth. However, it is still necessary to pay attention to the policy orientation of environmental protection and clinical use and the changes in supply and demand patterns of different varieties.
    The overall price of hormonal intermediates is stable. Among the hormonal intermediates we tracked this month, the price of saponin in February was 755,000 yuan/ton, up 0.67% from the previous month; the price of diene was 1.25 million yuan/ton, unchanged from the previous month.
    The price of hormonal intermediates is affected by environmental factors and changes in downstream process routes. In the future, it is necessary to continue to pay attention to environmental protection implementation and new technological routes. Overall, the price of diene is currently at a historically high level, and it is unlikely that it will continue to strengthen significantly in the future.
    Xingye's point of view: We believe that although some vitamins are quoted repeatedly, but due to the relatively stable supply and demand of the industry, it is expected that the follow-up price of most products will not increase significantly, and will continue to fluctuate within the range, but the varieties may show differentiation in the future. VE, VA prices with the new production capacity expected to continue production pressure, VK3 environmental protection impact is expected to remain strong in the short term; antibiotic raw materials and intermediates in the medium and long term, demand has recovered, 7-ACA and other products in the environmental impact supply In case of restrictions, there is a continuous price increase expectation (related enterprise: health yuan), but the continuous increase of its price still needs the support of environmental protection and other policy environments; the hormone intermediates are subject to environmental factors and downstream enterprise process routes. Influence, the price of saponin and diene recently fluctuated.