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    Improving the domestic pharmaceutical innovation market system is the prerequisite for the transform
    Source:Chinese websites PublishDate:2019-03-11

    Technological innovation in the API industry is a very complex system engineering innovation system involving pharmacy, chemistry, biology, informatics, engineering, mechanical technology and so on. Therefore, the development concept and macro policy of raw material medicine products from process imitation to independent innovation have attracted extensive attention.
    It is understood that foreign original drug development often takes more than ten years, among which different research and development stages are coordinated by different types and levels of R&D institutions. The success of technological innovation is due to the mature and perfect innovative market system and linkage platform.


    Proactively strengthen complementary cooperation in different aspects of major scientific and technological projects, share compensation through technical innovation resources, reduce waste of research and development, and accelerate the process of accelerating key technology innovations in the API industry and participating in international R&D outsourcing and winning global competition. There are benefits.
    Nowadays, R&D outsourcing has become a model for the development of pharmaceutical innovation in the pharmaceutical industry in recent years. Due to the imperfect domestic innovation market system and the lack of awareness of the main market for innovation, the result is that research and development outsourcing between domestic pharmaceutical companies and research and development outsourcing cooperation between production, learning and research is lower than that between domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies. R & D outsourcing cooperation level. Because foreign-invested pharmaceutical companies have already moved their R&D institutions into China, they are seeking domestic R&D cooperation and sharing domestic R&D market resources.
    Of course, it is worth mentioning that in the process of technological innovation in the API industry, not only the enterprise's own efforts, but also the rational guidance of national policies are needed to improve the domestic pharmaceutical innovation market system.